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How many times have do you reminisce about things from your childhood or even things from yesteryear, I’m sure we all have at some time or another.

Were you born in the sixties, seventies or even the eighties? Do you  remember Space Hoppers, Rubiks Cube and being scared of the Daleks? What about eating sherbet dips and Bazooka Joes? Wearing platform shoes, flared trousers and long hair?

Summer school holidays that never seemed to end and always being sunny?

Were you glued to the television watching the likes of Blue Peter, Magpie, or even Multicoloured Swap Shop?

Trying to draw circles with an Etch-a-Sketch?

Do you remember saying “a quarter of those please” pointing at the multitude of sweet jars all standing regimental in a row, we didn’t care about the additives in them we just wanted comfort food.

What about:-

Pineapple Chunks, Cola Cubes, Milk Bottles, Sherbet Pips, Sherbet Lemons, Liquorice Cuttings, Cough Candy, Sour Apples, Mint Imperials, Pear Drops, Rhubarb and Custard, Aniseed Balls, Army and Navy, Barley Sugar, Clove Satins, Cola Pips, Tom Thumb Drops, Victory Vs, Chocolate Limes, Acid Drops, Flying Saucers, American Hard Gums, Sweet Peanuts, Midget Gems, Blackberries and Raspberries, Orange and Lemon Slices, Buttered Brazils, Rainbow Drops, Chocolate Bonbons, Lemon Bonbons, Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, Jamboree Bags, Action Man, Super Ball, Atari 2600, Sinclair ZX81, Clackers, Love Hearts, Mars Bar, Space Invaders or anything else from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.

We all have different memories in our past that we can relate to and often look back at these things with affection and possibly embarrassment but who cares, we were there and done it.

If you do remember any of these then Retro Diner is the place for you.

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